Service Content

For a product to succeed, the first task is to find the most painful needle for users, that is, the pain point rule.  The second is to have a perceptible user experience that enables the product to speak for itself, turn users into fans, and ignite users' public praise.  Through the index comparison of the design score balance theory, we can build our own product value, and achieve the best user experience in the aspects of product modeling semantics, practical functions, brand characteristics, visual symbols, human-computer interaction, emotional resonance, etc., so as to find a way for the product to resonate in the deep heart of users, and let people, products, and values blend perfectly.

Production and Processing

Having the ability to convert design into products and having its own production base, ensuring that the design can be fully realized, truly achieving the transformation of drawings into products

Intellectual Property Right

Complete product design as required, assist in applying for product intellectual property rights, including invention patents, appearance patents, utility models, etc.

Industrial Design

Industrial designer directly participate in the demonstration of product design requirements, participate in design project research and product design definition according to product planning and target group definition, deeply understand design requirements, and make design innovation more effective and targeted. Brainstorming, sketching, 3D modeling, delivering perfect solutions to customers after internal review, presenting customers with high appearance, hard experience, and unexpected product effects.

Structural Design

The focus of structural design is to optimize the assembly method of the product, control costs while ensuring the appearance of the product, and adopt multi-dimensional structural thinking to ensure the landing of the product. In the era of consumer upgrading, product structure design has become particularly important. More often than not, we need to consider structural innovation to reflect product differentiation.



Requirement organization

ID design

MD Design


Hardware design

Software design

QC management