The chairman of our company and the shareholders of the cloud kitchen project summarized the industrial design of 1.0 products and decided to move towards 2.0!


On July 19, 2020, Mr. Wang Zitian, Chairman of our company, and the shareholders of Cloud Kitchen Project summarized the product design of 1.0 product and decided to move towards 2.0! In view of the demand for food quality of office white-collar workers, the product functions were discussed in depth.

Summarize experience in food material quality, food material traceability, cold chain transportation, refrigeration, instantaneous high-temperature high-pressure heating and other functions, and determine the unique leading position of the product in the market.

Satisfied the urban white-collar workers' pursuit of delicious food and health. Based on the above industry advantages and good market feedback, they unanimously decided to carry out 2.0 product research and development.

July 19, 2020

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