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The fat thickness measuring instrument can be carried around by the belt body and can be measured at any time; During the measurement, put the through-hole directly at the part to be measured, make the ultrasonic probe contact with the part to be measured, and the ultrasonic probe can send the ultrasonic wave to the part to be measured for fat thickness measurement, and obtain the fat thickness value through the ultrasonic echo information, so as to realize the fat thickness measurement.

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With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, obesity and the diseases it causes have become more and more important. Obesity is often accompanied by diabetes, fatty liver, dyslipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. It is one of the diseases that seriously affect people's health and quality of life, and has become a serious public health problem faced by countries around the world. In China, the traditional diet structure has changed, the proportion of obese or overweight people is rising, and the problem of population obesity is becoming increasingly serious.

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Subcutaneous fat accounts for 40 – 60% of the total body fat, so measuring the thickness of subcutaneous fat can reflect the fat distribution of all parts of the body. Anthropometric techniques can be used to measure body mass, body mass index (bmi), skin fold thickness and circumference. Dermatometer is a cheap and non-invasive method to evaluate the thickness of subcutaneous fat. However, it is difficult to determine the interface between fat and muscle when measuring with skin pleat meter, and there is pain. The bioelectrical impedance measurement method is obviously affected by the water content in the body. The near-infrared light measurement method is simple and easy to operate, but due to the limited near-infrared light penetration ability, the measurement accuracy of thicker subcutaneous fat needs to be improved.Based on the above background technology, a subcutaneous fat thickness measuring instrument based on a-type ultrasound is designed, which is small and portable. It can measure the subcutaneous fat thickness of any part of the body conveniently, quickly and non-invasively.

Technical realization elements

The ultrasonic subcutaneous fat thickness measuring instrument is characterized in that it comprises a host, an ultrasonic probe and a mobile phone; The host includes a main control module, a high-voltage excitation circuit, an amplification circuit, a display module, a bluetooth module, a power module and a computing unit; The ultrasonic probe comprises a transmitting end and a receiving end; The main control module is connected with Bluetooth module, high-voltage excitation circuit, amplification circuit, calculation unit and display module respectively; The high-voltage excitation circuit is connected with the transmitting end of the ultrasonic probe, and the amplification circuit is connected with the receiving end of the ultrasonic probe; The mobile phone is connected with the main control module through Bluetooth module;


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